Congratulation Javier!

Adding creative value in cinema: Our friend Javier Macipe, a very talented young cinema director, has been nominated today as a candidate for a “Goya Award” by the Spanish Academy of Cinema Art and Science with the Short “Os Meninos do rio”.

We celebrate the decision of the Academy since he deserved to be nominated. In one of his travels, in that case in Porto (Portugal) he discovered a group of kids jumping down from a big bridge to the river. He made the script, liaised with two cinema producers, one from Portugal and other from Spain, and they eventually delivered a very brilliant Short. It has been awarded with many awards during the last year and this morning we have learnt by the media that he will be in the Goya´s ceremony in Madrid on February 2016 as a candidate for a Goya Award in Short´s category. Well done Javier, and Good Luck!