The author

Glen Lapson began in 2012 getting involved in some diferent projects about cinema and education for young. Supported by a small group of people with different professional roles, with different experiences, they decided to share some ideas in case someone can find them interesting.

After the positive experience in a set of conferences for young people about advising for their future careers, Glen Lapson decided to write his first book: 7-17 The Experience based on real experiences and mainly structured from the view of a professional with over twenty years leading recruitment processes for different organizations.

The Glen Lapson´s passion of cinema involved him to begin with a small script to produce a short. What he found, throughout the investigation process, made him changed the project and he started to write the book Disequilibriums. In 2016 he signed the first part to the property: Disequilibriums. Part 1: The individuals.

The Glen Lapson´s passion of travelling made him writting a Blog about stories during travels based on feelings: Travel and Feelings.


The Glen Lapson´s purpose is sharing experiences and knowledges in the fields of culture and education, being aware that adding creative value is the tool that enable positive efforts in any social change.

The daily situations in organizations where we work being paid or voluntarily, recruitment processes,

meetings or even any conflict we have sorted out in our families, encourage us to find creative ways that add value in each situation. Historical discoveries in cities where we live and the feelings we experiences when we travel, add ourselves and our dearest and nearest the most if we manage them under the umbrella of creativity.


The suggestion is doing every act from the two sides of the coin, from the two views of each Art of Work – the author and the reader of spectator -, from the two points of view of every usual situation that creates conflict and invites us to make a decision.

The same figure consisted of only two objects that can have different meanings, different views, from different angles. That differences, represented by two small squares invites us to being aware that the union of the differences produces something better than the own individual thing by itself.


And this ability to make clear the differentiation obliges us to make decisions.

Therefore, the principle, symbolized in the Glen Lapson´s logo, wants to transmit the place to make decisions, taking always into account the two views of the same situation.

The decision is to add creative value, based on the union of two pillars or our life: the experience and the knowledge acquired throughout the education process. Two pillars pictured by two small squares that when they join they produce a color that represent that creative value that we are looking for.