The value proposition

Glen Lapson, along with a small group of people have founded a Foundation to develop educational and cultural projects: Fundacion ECUUP. (ECUUP Foundation)

A place that enables the edition and publication of e-books, production of cinema works, and support of education and culture in all their variations. The target is to build a platform that allow building a community of people who wants to improve every day the methodology to add creative value and share it.

Our duty

In order to enable the beginning of the new entity, Glen Lapson has transferred to Fundacion ECUUP the whole incomes coming from the commercial exploitation of the books 7-17 The Experience and Disequilibriums. First part: the individuals, and their added commercial items.


In fact, in the second book, Disequilibriums, Fundacion ECUUP will develop a project of transmedia storytelling that is expected to get great success in the community target.