Writing the second book is one of my current targets. Promoting the previous one and planning projects for the future to support other artists is a set of actions to do as part of a team.

Because of that reason we have joined efforts with some friends and family and we have set up ECUUP Foundation”. The target is to promote Educational and CUltUral Projects. We begin with some of my projects and we hope to get at least two others more included in the coming year of other friends.

To design the brand, apart from the logo, we have decided to include music. If we want to foster culture we have to empower different artists. We have the pleasure to announce that one of our friends Jorge Parra López a 23 years old teacher of music has composed the soundtrack and we have made an agreement with him to use the rights during some period of time. In order to introduce you the soundtrack, we have built a simple video with some text inside. We hope you also like it.


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