9th January 2016

How time flies! It was exactly four years ago and I can still remember all those feelings and experiences I had, some expected and others that I could never have imagined.

“Why have you decided to write it all down today?” you ask me. To be honest, I do not know. The only thing I am totally sure of is that if I do not write it down, I will forget it in a few years’ time and it would be very difficult to let you know. It is even possible that what I am going to tell you may be useful to you or to another one day. When you start writing you can never be certain if that set of letters and words springing from your subconscious would enter someone else’s heart.

Why do I talk about the heart? Perhaps, the simple answer I would offer you is because I talk from the heart. Perhaps you do not understand. It is not because you are not capable of understanding it, but rather it is because I am unable to express it in a few words.

Once, a friend told me, “Don’t complicate your life!” Since I first heard that statement, I have not stopped rebelling against it at every moment of my life. I am sorry, my friend. I cannot obey you! And today I am telling you, “Complicate your life, it is worth it!” The words you are going to read are clear evidence of how someone can complicate his life in a positive way in order to progress, to find himself, to be aware of feelings and experiences, to discover values in others, to learn from a different culture and, above all, to spend a part of your life far away from your nearest and dearest.

I could do nothing about it, but just follow quietly like the leaf that allows itself to fall into the river and the current to decide its fate, or to struggle to find the shore and seek new ways, especially for someone like you who only sees something beautiful in the future. So I will tell you that, since the first day I arrived in Scotland, what I was looking for is what I eventually found.

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