7-17 The Experience


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The company you want to join or the association in which you want to begin working has a Mission, a Vision and a series of established objectives to achieve. We must understand them, confirm that they match our own and if they do, make them our own.

Let us be clear about where we want to go, plan how we are going to achieve it, be prepared to adapt in order to promote the objectives to be achieved and when we achieve them or not, evaluate them. Normally when we talk about objectives, we are also talking about time and money. That, we will leave for later.

Here are some thoughts for you to consider in order to align your objectives to those of the organizations of which you are a part, or simply to keep your objectives alive until you find a project that you are passionate about.



Author: Glen Lapson

Publisher: Fundacion ECUUP

“Keys to understand what is expected of you in the future”